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Go Green


When most people hear Green they think energy efficiency. This is a start, but green is much more than that.
Going Green also includes:


Comfort,  Health,  Earth Friendliness,  Energy Efficiency




Based on the government’s EnergyStar program, we have developed an exclusive new  “GreenLean” building method (patent pending) that catapults us much higher levels of energy efficiency and green building and even the EPA suggests.


“GreenLean™” homes have 75% less waste, cost less to build, and use less energy than traditional homes.

GreenLean is…


  • A patented building system that is green from the ground up. Not any home can be GreenLean; it has to be designed into the blueprints or construction drawings. While other homes add green features to a house plan, GreenLean designs them into the plans.
  • GreenLean homes are stronger, better insulated, reduce heat loss from thermal bridging, prevent frozen pipes inexterior walls, and minimize air migration and draftiness.
  • GreenLean also reduces framing waste by about 70%. It designs to maximize standard lumber dimensions and minimize waste usign less lumber and saving trees, reducing the burden on landfills and making it less expensive to build.
  • The building industry is making advances in adding “green” and “energy efficient” features to traditional building methods. GreenLean uses advances in building science to incorporate these into the actual building design.


Utah’s Energy Champion

We have been recognized as a leader in Green Building. Here are a few of the awards we have won.


  • UBEES Award Winner
  • EnergyStar Award Winner